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Cleansing 50's - From bebop to silky smooth renditions, the 50's crooned every part of life.


Cleansing 60's - Perhaps no other period in history has been filled with such an expansive and ambitious sense of possibilities as the music of the 60's.


Cleansing 70's - The decade of the 70's brought music that was refined into some of the best songs ever made.


Cleansing 80's - A golden age of hits with synthesizer music, energetic anthems, big hair, tight riffs of guitar solos and incredible voices, made the 80's one of the greatest decades of music ever.


Cleansing 90's - The 90's saw the rise of some of the best bands and artists of all time. Their music was incredible as they sang their way into our hearts.


Cleansing 2000's - The dawning of a new millennium expands the traditional music mix as crossover and indie bands, and their hits, bring the lovers of good music together.


Cleansing Faith - Music that focuses on our Creator and our relationship with Him and others.


Beyond Words - New Age and Jazz greats along with other instrumentals that go without saying.


Cleansing Country - A classy blend of the most uplifting country you'll ever hear.


Classically - An experience of the classics along with soundtracks and other great music in the classical style.


Cleansing Cuts - Songs that are cuts off of albums that never became singles but are great to listen to along with songs from indie artists. This makes for great hidden gem listening.


Cleansing Mix - A blend of the best from 11 of the CleansingMusic genres.


Cleansing Christmas - The spirit of the holiday season is reflected in this collection of old and new favorites.


Streaming clean 24/7. It's like candy for your musical taste buds.


Welcome to CleansingMusic.com, a service of Cleansing Media, LLC. We love music. But even more, we love music you can listen to in the home or office and which your children, co-workers and others can listen to without the many offensive messages that some contain. We know there is music out there that is very enjoyable, but when certain lyrics or messages are expressed, they take away from the quality that is found in the rest of the song. Hence, our music is cleansing and when we say that, it means that cleansing is spelled with two words, Clean and Sing. We aim to provide a clean music option for your listening pleasure.

Our Mission
Cleansingmusic.com will only broadcast and support music that is non-offensive. We will not promote music that encourages immorality, glorifies violence, uses foul or offensive language, or promotes Satanism or other evil practices. We believe that music is a powerful influence. We also believe that there is much good in the music world in the past and today and we seek to promulgate as much of that good as possible.


Streams are also available through TuneIn Radio, iTunes Radio, internet-radio.com, radio.net, http://www.radioguide.fm, RadioPlug, Streema, vTuner, onlineradiobox and many others. If you cannot find a way to listen, let us know. This site is mobile friendly. Click on the links on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop at cleansingmusic.com.


Contact us at streamingclean@gmail.com.


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Decades in the Making...Years in Review...CleansingMusic.com